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Poker Rules

uk poker sites There are a number of styles of Poker, but the rules of Poker are the same for everyone. Here at Poker tips will explain the basics of all styles of Poker. The main thing is to play Poker requires a French card game, depending on the style of Poker varies the number of cards to be used, for example in some styles of Poker wildcards are added sometimes not. uk poker sites
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Regole della roulette

Undeniably well-liked, the game of roulette with the possibility versatile inlay the game very interesting. The field has a roulette appears to be clear, however, it is good policy just before the first roulette set fans to run on the network. Roulette Online then we will have about the policies widely known roulette briefly explaining the sport to talk about and then offer a clear overview of the possibilities of distribution that make it possible for the principles roulette.
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Rules of Roulette

How to play roulette online?

Roulette is a game of chance comprises a roulette wheel and a carpet. A roulette wheel has 37 slots numbered from 0 to 36. The squares are alternately red and black except 0 which is green.

The belt allows players to place their bets on the number or color. You can bet on one number, one color or a series of numbers. Once the bets placed by all players, roulette is launched. Roulette Online

Online Roulette is a game where players bet money on the table and hope the ball lands on number, color or combination they have chosen.

There are a large number of possible choices. You may, for example, bet on odd or even numbers, red or black, groups of numbers but also of columns and rows. As you can imagine, the more you bet on a “group” restricted, the more your earnings will be high.

Betting on Roulette

You will find below a brief description of the different rules of roulette and the different types of Paris possible and their respective gains. Roulette Spielen

* Single (Single) Focus on one number. You win 35 times your bet if the wheel stops on the number you have chosen.

* Bilingual (Split) Capitalizing on two numbers. You win 17 times your bet if the wheel lands on numbers that you have chosen. Roulette Spiel a horse is made up by placing his chips on the line common to two numbers.

* Triple (Trio) Bet on three numbers. You win 11 times your bet if the wheel lands on numbers that you have chosen. A cross is made up by placing the chip on the outside line of a row of three numbers.

* Angle (Corner) Focus on four issues. You win eight times your bet if the wheel lands on numbers that you have chosen. To make this bet, place your chips at the intersection of four numbers.

* Square (Four numbers) Building on four numbers. You win eight times your bet if the wheel lands on numbers that you have chosen. To make this bet, place your chips at the intersection of four numbers.

* Street (street) Bet on three numbers. You win 11 times your bet if the wheel stops on the numbers that you have chosen. A cross is made up by placing the chip on the outside line of a row of three numbers.

* Line (line) Betting on six numbers. You win five times your bet if the wheel lands on numbers that you have chosen. To make this bet, place your chips on the outside line at the intersection of two rows of 3 chips. Online Roulette Kostenlos

* Dozen (dozen) Building on 12 issues. You get 2 times your stake if your bet wins. To make this bet, place your chips on the boxes 12P, 12M ou12P.

* 12P: first 12 numbers on the table (from 1 to 12)

* 12M: 12 numbers from the middle of the table (13-14)

* 12D: last 12 numbers in the table (25-36)

* Two dozen (two dozen) Capitalizing on two dozen. You earn one-half times your stake if your bet wins.

* Pass or failure (high or low) Bet on all the table numbers between 1 and 18. You earn your bet if your bet wins. To make this bet, place your chips on the box “missing”.

* Red or black (red or black) Bet only on the color that comes out. The zero does not account for one or the other. You earn your bet if your bet wins.
* Odd or even (Odd or even) Bet only on the fact that the number is odd or even out. Zero does not account for the one nor the other. You earn your bet if your bet wins.

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Over traditional game of poker online poker

Over traditional game of poker online poker

When playing poker on the Internet, it is up to players to decide how long the house before heading back as you do not have to wait for friends or playing partners are satisfied to enjoy his desire to play. Online poker game choices away from the traditional one of the reasons due to an abundance of land-based is much better. First and foremost to the reason that you opt for virtual poker tip poker dealers, which in turn in the long run can save a considerable amount of money is needed. The money saved can be invested in the future poker games.

To another style, opt for the online poker( because it is an unknown game. No one really knows the players who, while they are busy gambling on the net. And this aspect is really important work will of the player his or her relatives and friends suspect that he or she may be accustomed to a poker player. Another contributing factor is the increased speed game online poker poker players makes it a preferred choice among. In fact, about twice the number of hands actually virtual poker regularly dealt in poker than in live games.

Also, in case you’re a poker round is in your home, there is a certain amount of holding required. You sure you poker chips, cards and of course as all the right equipment for playing a poker table, but this is not the case with online poker needs.

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5 Card Draw

The Five Card Draw Poker is one of the oldest poker games can be played 2-7 people at once.

Full Tilt Poker Referral Code This poker variant, of course, like everyone else, their own rules, pay attention to which one. You can play this variant in two different ways, either with antes or blinds, as with most poker casinos on the internet of the case. Start may after the deal the cards, the player who sits left of the donors, where he can check either or raise. bids can be generally as well as in most other poker variants, so that we may increase each round only three times, but different rules can also be arranged.

After the first betting round starts the draw, ie the exchange of cards. Each player can have the two cards that he considers worthless store, of course, concealed. Then he gets back the same number in sequence of the Dealer, and that the new cards in his hand. US Poker Sites

After the exchange is the last round of betting, which is either opened by the player that has increased in the first round, or from the one who started the first round. Also in this round may again only up to three times increased. After this round begins for the remaining players in the showdown.

Poker Strategy First the player must show his cards, which has increased last. If there were no increases, starts the player who has also opened the final round.

The values of the cards and leaves correspond to the 5 Card Draw Poker the normal rankings. With equally strong hands in the pot to the two winners will be divided equally, as with other variants of the case.

The 5 Card Draw is the most poker players very loosely by the hand and take much shorter than, say, Texas Hold Em, so you can easily play several rounds Visit wikipedia for more information.

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Peter Eastgate retires

Peter Eastgate is poker pension. The WSOP Main Event winner from 2008 may not be motivated to high-level poker. He declares himself following the PokerStars blog:

“When I started playing poker for a living, it was never my goal to spend the rest of my life as a professional poker player. My goal was to become financially independent. That I Achieved by winning the WSOP Main Event in 2008. The period following tasks HAS me on a worldwide tour, Where I have seen Some amazing places and with many new people, it Has Been a great experience. In the 20 months following my WSOP win, I Feel That I have lost my motivation for playing poker high level along the way and I Have Decided That Now is the time to find out what I want to do with the rest of my life. What Will Be this, I do not know yet. I Have Decided to take a break from live poker tournament, and try to focus on Peter Eastgate, the person. I want to thank PokerStars, my friends and family for support over the last 20 Their months and for Their support in my decision to take a break from poker. ”

Peter Eastgate was the next main event of the World Series of Poker also second in the European Poker Tour London, accounted for $ 843.734. He will be the 2010 WSOP Main Event not play.

2010 World Series of Poker: The deconstruction of the 6-max $ 25k

Event $ 25 does not exceed 200 players

Any person who has posted below the number of participants who would come to $ 25k event had come to collect the cash register after the end of day 1. 191 players bought his chair to attend the event, and forecasts said it would participate only 40 players and less well, the most experienced predicted about 50 people. Last year’s event $ 40,000 buy-in NLH had a turnout of 201 players but that was what was anticipated at the beginning of the 2009 WSOP. The $ 25K was Event # 52 last year. This afternoon in the series, to put it bluntly, a lot of people stay in bankruptcy. There are a lot of pros NLHE out there that try to achieve encouraging results this summer and when you’re looking at a donut hole, it is difficult to reach into your pocket and take out another $ 25,000 for playing in a tournament in which there are virtually no points weak.
Three-bet, bet four-, five-bet, six

Despite the 75,000 starting chips, the pace of play was as fast as lightning. Tom Dwan retired in the first level. Howard Lederer lasted about 20 minutes. The same thing happened to Yevgeniy Timoshenko. The high buy-in label did nothing to dissuade these players to push his chips around a dizzying pace. If I had a dollar for every three-bet in this tournament, could have left out the WSOP and rested on a beach in Maui during the past five weeks.

That’s how guys like to do these days. Even at the end (when 11.2 million cards were in the boat), hand finished pre-flop after a bet of five bet, “all in” “call.”
The structure received some criticism, or at least out loud

Back to March 7. Daniel Negreanu wrote a post on his blog detailing what he believes are “the ten best and toughest tournaments in the world.” Negreanu positions it as second in his inaugural list at $ 25k but still missing nearly four months to begin. His prediction about the level of talent in the field, was certainly the best online players in the world of no-limit hold’em ended up dominating the event, but by day 3, Negreanu changed his mind when it came to the structure.

“The structures of all the WSOP will be solid. Do not worry about that,” he wrote on March 7 Negreanu.

Day 3 of the $ 25k Negreanu was one of 18 players who come to the awards, dismissing return to play the final table. After the first level of play throughout an entire table was removed, and when the flurry of eliminations, Negreanu approached me and expressed his frustration with the structure. At this stage of the tournament, the average stack was about 41 big blinds and Negreanu thought it should be much later in an event like this at such a high buy-in.

“150-300 with an ante of 25 is too high to start,” he said.

“Why do levels of 75 minutes instead of an hour?”

“What about the 90-minute levels, as in the $ 50k?”

A little research and number crunching has shown that the size of the stacks were similar at the same stage of the $ 40k NLHE event last year. When the bubble burst of charges in this case, the 27 players, the average was 44.8 big blinds. In event # 56, $ 2,500 NLHE, the average stack when players reached the money was of 30.8 big blinds.
Frank Cassel = Surprise Final Table

It is no secret that Frank Cassel is a player of world class Stud. His two bracelets this year got into the $ 10,000 World Championship Seven-Card Stud Hi-Lo and Razz event $ 2,500. However, Cassel talk about himself and confessed that the No-limit Hold’em is your worst game.
Well, Kassel must have eaten his Wheaties or something on Sunday morning because impressively played poker at the final table of this event. Cassel knew very well adjusted to their opponents, specifically with Dan Kelly. Cassel saw Kelly doing his three bet on several occasions by sending a clear message to their opponents would not be hit.

Then in a move worthy of a brilliant piece of advertising, Kassel is the minimum bet to 140,000 chips, Kelly is charged from the small blind. Kelly chekea the flop of (a-Spades) (4-Diamonds-Clubs) (3) to 180.000 Kassel you bet chips. Kelly “call.” Both came on the turn (7-Clubs). When the (8-Clubs) Kelly landed in the river made a bet of 400,000 chips to receive an increase of 1,025,000 Kassel. Kelly seemed to torturing the subject, and got sicker when Cassel showed him a-Diamonds) ((10-Clubs). Kelly had folded A-J.

Thus Frank Cassel is becoming one of the players who will compete for the title of player of the year at the WSOP 2010.
The final table has its own day in which players make the difference

Dan Kelly made a surprising comeback in three days, passing 260,000 chips to more than 5.8 million. The momentum was clearly on his side. However, in the first part of Day 4, Kelly seemed to have lost his magic as well as their opponents were adapted to their continued aggression. Of course the result of Kelly became the same could have been if the tournament had been played only until the end of Day 3, however he did it being deleted shortly after it began the final table. This is a tribute to her strength and mental strength that he could get rid of the setbacks and discover that he had thrown away the best hand after the raise of Frank Cassel in the river, and get back in the race focusing on being among the first places.

High Stakes Poker

Online Report: Where is everybody?

The high stakes online tables were like a ghost town this week, as many usual trip to Las Vegas to participate in the World Series of Poker 2010. We saw Tom “durrr” Dwan, Patrik, Antonius, Phil Ivey, David Oppenheim, and Jared “harrington25″ Bleznick $ 50,000 to participate in the Players Championship, which this year mutated a HORSE event to mixed eight games. Some of those who fast as Brian Townsend lost a little hands played online and saw that “Isildur1″ was back at it again playing heads up several tables with the likes of Di “Urindanger” Dang, David Benefield and “URnotINdanger2.”
Closed Townsend $ 142K

After staying out of the WSOP Players Championship, Brian Townsend sat down to play online and was able to capture $ 142,000. First, Townsend was charged to “christinhoch” on Pot Limit Omaha $ 100 / 200 for $ 103,000, then rose to $ 300/600 to get $ 39,000 of Patrick Antonius.

The biggest jackpot of the day reached six figures – $ 113,000, and was against “christinhoch.” Townsend opened for $ 600 on the button and “christinhoch” paid from the big blind. With the flop of (K-Clubs) (5-Spades) (3-Hearts), “christinhoch” he check-raised by $ 4,000 to bet Townsend for $ 1,000, to which Townsend was re-raise to $ 13,200. “Christinhoch” paid to see the turn brought a 9-Clubs) (. Christinhoch happened, Townsend bet $ 27,600 and “christinhoch” moved all in for $ 42,890. Townsend was paid and he had (a-Clubs-Hearts) (10) (5-Clubs) (4-Diamonds), for a couple of 5 and a project internal staircase and color. Meanwhile, “christinhoch” had (a-Spades) (a) (j-Hearts-Spades-Clubs) (3) for a pair of aces. Townsend hit the staircase when he appeared on (2-Hearts) in the river and took the pot.
“Isildur1″ back at Full Tilt

Sweden’s favorite of all, “Isildur1″ was hanging around the high stake tables again this week, but despite having played a great number of hands-nearly 15,000-could only make a profit of $ 16,000. On Monday morning began with “URnotINdanger2″ in No Limit Hold’em $ 50/100, which lost $ 74,000, before they agreed to pass $ 50 / 100 Pot Limit Omaha. At that meeting, “Isildur1″ got a win of $ 126,000, after 3000 hands.

“Isildur1″ returned on Tuesday afternoon for a session of 960 hands of PLO $ 50 / 100 against Di “Urindanger” Dang, where he collected $ 84,000. The largest jackpot was $ 36,000, well short of the boats millionaires playing a few months ago. Dang opened for $ 300 from the button with (a-Hearts) (K-Spades) (Q-Hearts) (J-Spades), and “Isildur1″ did a three-bet to $ 900 with (7-Diamonds) (4-Diamonds (3-Hearts) (2-Hearts)), and Dang reraised to $ 2,700. “Isildur1″ paid and saw a flop of (q-Diamonds)) (6-Clubs) (5-Diamonds. Dang hit top pair, and “Isildur1″ a project to color and stairs. “Isildur1″ faced with $ 5,400, and Dang shot back at $ 21,600, and “Isildur1″ being paid all in for $ 15,398. Dang couple got a double when the j-Hearts) (arrived on the turn, but “Isildur1″ correct color when the (a)-Diamonds appeared on the river, getting the pot.

Interview with Doyle Brunson on the WSOPE

At 76 years old, Doyle Brunson has seen it grow from the back rooms poker illegal in Texas to a worldwide phenomenon.

However, twice winner of the Main event said that the game itself really is not very different.

“In essence has not changed,” Brunson said in an interview with PokerListings. “What people do not understand is that players are playing against you dictate your game.”
“I have preached the aggression and all these strategic measures for some time, but these guys do not work because the Internet is what they do. So therefore I’ve changed my game a long time.”
“We have to change what you do what is beneficial in the situation.”

Whether in a game in Bobby’s Room at Bellagio or within the Empire Casino in Leicester Square in the WSOPE, 10-time winner of a WSOP bracelet, said:

“Poker is about people who play it, I have always said that,” he said. “It’s not about charts, it is people.”

The global boom of poker has grown to the point where there are World Series events on both sides of the Atlantic, and there is high buy-in tournaments in different parts of the world almost every week.

While doing an effort to play in both events at the WSOP in Las Vegas and London, traveling Brunson increasingly these days and thinks that the wear of the tournament is just too much.

“I think probably would be dead if not for poker.”
“I think there are many tournaments,” he said. “There’s a tournament every week somewhere. I think that a tournament should be something special. A special event in the life of the people, not just one more week.”
“I think we should have to be only a small number of big tournaments. Of course I’m partial to the cash games and tournaments they are shocked at this.”

When you are at home in Las Vegas, Brunson still can be found playing marathon sessions in cash games at Bellagio and says he remains young poker.

“I think probably would be dead if it were not for poker,” he says. “The poker gives me energy. There is a saying: It’s a shame that my youthful spirit that locked in this mortal body and have to grow old. Until last year I did not really realized that I was getting older.”
“The game, which produce adrenaline, causing blood to continue flowing and has kept my mind sharp, reading or playing poker, doing something. I have blessed with good genes. In my family live into their nineties, so I hope be around for a while. ”

After playing in the WSOP for the first time in 1970, Brunson is still surprised by the growth of the game and the fact that he is now playing for the bracelet in the United Kingdom.

“Nobody could have foreseen this,” he said. “Benny Binion (founder of the WSOP) told me once, probably in the last years of the 70s,” You know, we might have 100 people in this tournament one day. “Now we have 8500 or something.”
“No one knew and no one knows where it will go.”

Brunson What if he knows is that there’s a World Series bracelet in reach, always have a seat at the table.

How do I choose the best poker table? party poker bonus

When in the lobby of the poker site you can see hundreds of tables with different limits, poker variations and sizes. It can sometimes be tricky to choose the right table so you first selects the best table you encounter. This is the best way to quickly burn your money and that is not what you want. Party Poker Bonus code


The lobby provides the most valuable information you can get. There are always two columns beside the table name. These are called “% Of Players On The Flop” and “Average Pot Size”. In Dutch it mean “percentage players to the flop” and “Average Pot”. Many players see this important information about the head. read more

Percentage of players to the flop

The “Percentage of players to the flop gives you information about how tight game or a table. The higher the percentage of the wilder and looser the table. The percentage low? It is a very tight table where almost no one with less than a high pocket pair lasts. Depending on what style you play itself, a higher rate or a low rate to suit you. If you’re a tight player who plays many hands it is not a high percentage is most appropriate. This means that when you hand a lot of players will go, which leads to a larger pot that you can win. If you are a player who plays many hands and many raised before the flop then a low rate more suitable. So you can pick up more pots pre-flop reraise by players as they are too tight games to go.

for more infomation

Average Pot Size

The average pot is a piece of information that indicates how aggressive the player at the table. If the average pot size means that the players and aggressive game play and the money is going into it with questionable hand.

You must find the right poker game that best suits you. If you’re bored then turbo tournaments or cash games are most suitable. In cash games you can stop whenever you like, turbo tournaments are much more hands, but everyone has less time to make a decision. You can also opt for a six man table so you’re more likely to turn. party poker bonus

You have to adjust your playing style to the table and the style of the game. If you play less hands on some tables and other tables more. There are other variations available such as Omaha, Stud and HORSE, where you can read more about the poker game rules.

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Understanding Slots Party casino

The first commercial slot machine was developed around 1896 in San Francisco. This was made of iron with three internal reels, a slot for coins and a lever to start machine. The slot machines soon became a familiar image in bars, gambling houses and even shops. Party casino

Each reel has a number of symbols (usually 10 to 20 – but this depends largely on the type of gaming machine) and pull the lever to begin the reels (or spools) to run fast. When the reels stop, any symbol, any role by the show window of the machine. Depending on the displayed combination of symbols, the player payments – usually many times the original wager. Read more

Game Play

With the slot machine to play your first deposit some chips in the slot and then click the lever or button SPIN. The roles will rotate independently and at any position to stop. If the reels come to rest with a winning combination of symbols at the Play Line (the winning combinations are shown in the payout schedule), the vending machine on profits paid by your chips to credit (shown as a CREDIT meter on the machine).

You can create as many chips as you want. Putting chips in the slot increases your coin (credit) based on the coin setting for the machine and the dollar value of the chips. Each slot machine can be set to play with coins of $ 0.25, $ 1 or $ 5. When you chip in $ 10 in a slot that is set to play with $ 1 coins, you will receive a credit of 10 coins. Change the setting to $ 0.25, your coin credits will increase to 40 (for a sheet of $ 10).

The bet per game can range from a minimum of 1 coin to a maximum of 3 coins. The setting for the number of coins bet is shown in the Coins Bet meter. The default for the bet is 1 coin. If you want to bet two coins, click BET ONE button to your bet by one coin to increase. Click this button again to increase your bet 3 coins and then click third time, the number reduced to a coin. You can click the BET MAX button to bet 3 coins at once to set. Once you set the number of coins, the machine will use this value for each game until you use another value.

Payouts are shown in the chart on top of every slot. The casino offers many different slot machines, each with a unique theme and payout schedule. The payout schedules have rows payouts for various winning combinations. Each combination has 3 possible payout amounts, depending on the number of coins bet. When the value of the bet per game finds, the vertical column of payout marked. casino club bonus

If you want to stop playing, click the button COINS OUT to exchange your coin Credits for Casino chips. When the coins from the machine, the number of coins multiplied by the coin value setting ($ 0.25, $ 1 or $ 5). The final amount will be for your Casino Account balance will be added, search for poker in google

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Video Poker Game Play

On this page you will find complete explanations about the game Videopoker about all the rules you must follow during the game. We also put your hand strength of the various poker hands.

A machine or software behind you Video Poker, you can feel that you see behind a slot machine. But there is one essential difference: in one slot, the goal is as much of the same symbols in a row, while at Video Poker the player wins five cards of a normal poker hand. code bonus titan poker

The best known video poker games are the Jack-or-Better Draw Poker, “” Deuces Wild “and” Joker Poker “.
Video Poker Games

As a player at Video Poker will get the first round of 5 cards. Based on the strength of the cards you decide whether you want them to keep some to give away or that the cards are really bad and you want to lose them all. When you give away a card, it is replaced by another. There was a round where you receive cards and a round where you can replace the cards away. Then hold about 5 cards that are paid on the basis of the ‘payout’ (paid) table.

Video Poker, like a slot machine, controlled by software. This software works as a Random Number Generator (RNG). The RNG software provides a series of numbers that represent specific card and RNG ensures that the cards randomly emerge.

The video poker game is usually played with 52 cards, which one ranking to know their value: Ace (A), King (K), F (V), Jack (B), 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5 , 4, 3, 2. The ace can also use a low straight to finish, A, 2, 3, 4, 5. The four species (spades, clubs, diamonds and hearts) also play a role in determining the value of the hand.
Hands titan poker

(In order of strength)

The poker hands are ranked for strength. Here we start with the highest (and rarest) hands and walk calmly to the more common hands.

1. Royal Flush
A, K, Q, J, 10 of the same species

2. Straight Flush
Five cards, same species in order

3. Four of a Kind
Four cards of equal value

4. Full House
Three of a Kind plus a few

5. Flush
Five cards of same suit

6. Straight
Five consecutive cards

7. Three of a Kind
Three cards of same suit

8. Two Pair
Two pairs with different values

9. One Pair
Two cards of same rank

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Slots – Probability

In this section we will explain all the probabilities associated with slot machines. As you know, there is no coherent strategy to beat the machines. Your success depends on your ability to find the machine gives you the best win percentage, and of course, luck! Titan Poker

Recognize the odds for slot machines is a difficult task. With such a variety of machines and games available, the odds change dramatically. In general, the odds of slot machines are expressed in terms of percentage gains offered. More recently only approach 100% better. Some machines even offer you levels above 100%, giving the lucky players who find substantial gains.

These machines are called ‘loose slots’ and are often strategically placed in the middle of the location of slot machines, giving the impression to the players around that is easy to win playing these machines. For a while, the managers of these famous casinos machines placed where there was more people like entrances, bars and near the tail for buffets or shows. New Players are able to cliam LuckyAce Poker Bonus Code

The logic behind this is to produce more winners, generating excitement around the famous machine, inviting others to play the machines nearby that they have a generous margin for the casino. He did not take long for is that avid players discovered this very simple strategy, so managers have changed things.

Strategies were employed contrary, by making high-margin machines in high traffic areas of the casino, and vice versa. Today, there is really no standard procedure, except that the machines themselves, most of them with an average rate of return high enough for the casino, with a few machines (if you skid!) With lower margins. Obviously, this type of strategy is not useful for playing online, it would be helpful to better understand the operation of these machines.

That really does not give you a better design of probabilities of slot machines. The first slot machines were mechanical, and probabilities could be calculated by multiplying the number of symbols by the number of wheels. For example, the first slot machine to be produced was ten symbols and three wheels. The chance to line up three symbols was 10 X 10 X 10, or 1000 against 1.

Now, all slot machines are run by computers. It is impossible to determine the exact probabilities, so we will focus our attention on the potential gains. The average margin of slot machines is around 9%. In the long term, therefore, an average machine you make 91 cents of every dollar played. Of course, nobody would play these machines if they played each time a dollar, they receive 91 cents. On the contrary, since all machines are set to make gains risky, these machines are large favorite casino! is fairly good sites to get your poker sign up bonuses

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